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Praise for Molasses Bread and Tea

 I am just back from Peru. Thanks for writing. 
 In just a few lines you painted a heartbreaking
image that  obviously still feels vivid for you. 
Thanks for sharing, though it’s a disturbing little window on a wider world of inflicted pain.
Carl (Safina)  .......Ocean Ecologist ( Song for the Blue Ocean, Beyond Words, Voyage of the Turtle)

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10th on list of 10 best things to do in Toronto.

John Christopher reads and sings from his arctic
memoir Molasses Bread and Tea.”
Ten Great Things To Do In Toronto”
The North Toronto Post Magazine

Many thanks for the wonderful stories from your time  aboard the M V Theron, which I found most interesting........
........................I wonder if you might be kind enough to review my book on Amazon? 
Thanks again - and best wishes

 Stephen Haddelsey   Polar author :(  Shackleton's Dream:  Fuchs, Hillary and the Crossing of Antarctica). 

John Christopher smiling