Biographical Note on the Author

John P Christopher, a retired marine mammologist, studied pilot whales, beluga  and harp seals in the 1950s and 1960s in the waters off Newfoundland and in Hudson Bay. In the 1980s he began a second career as a singer of Newfoundland, Irish, Spanish and Portuguese songs as well as speaking and writing about his life growing up in war time St John's and the Newfoundland outports, following a 12 year career with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada ( Arctic Unit) defunct since 1974. During his years with FRB he worked closely at times with Portuguese, and Spanish  Grand Banks fishermen and  later with the Norwegian polar explorer Capt Harald Maro, ( of the famous M V Theron), who guided the Joint British- Commonwealth Expedition advance party to the Antarctic where they eventually made the first successful crossing of that continent via the south pole during 1955-1958. Mr. Christopher brought out  his memoir Molasses Bread and Tea in 2005  and has made several folk/world CDs, including the popular Newfoundland inspired  Having a Time in 2009 on which he's accompanied by the Toronto based double Juno award winning fiddler John Showman.

The three 15 minute videos below were recorded at the Maritime  Museum of the Atlantic in  2014  and the pictures from a show at  Gate 403 in Toronto 2010.


videos from
Newfoundland/Portuguese-Creole folk music concert - Part One
Newfoundland/Portuguese-Creole folk music concert - Part Two
Newfoundland/Portuguese-Creole folk music concert - Part Three


photos by Karen Burns

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