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 AVAILABLE      summer /2018,    a new live cd  recording  "Newfoundland Sounds" of a concert  hosted by the Toronto Public Library  where I'm joined by  ace fiddler  James McKie and the shanty group Pressgang Mutiny   

Chaim Tannenbaum :           
 Hello John
I thought I might just let you know that I enjoy listening to your attached songs , an unsolicited and unexpected pleasure.

 Lovely recording and tunes .  Thank you for sharing them.   Let me know if yoy want me to distribute them. 
 Craig Hamm
Founder of Irish Music Ottawa.
Chairperson ,   Ottawa Irish Arts

thanks for your cds.   I've promoted them on my Radio Merkury shows aired across Europe  and recommended them in press arcticles. Please put me on your mailing list for future releases.
Dionizy  Piatkowski
internationally known ethnomusicologist /impressario ,  jazz/ world music educator/  writer----- press/radio presenter  on Europe's  Radio Merkury..............