Praise for Molasses Bread and Tea and Having a Time

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some comments and remarks on my books and cds: 

Nov. 2015..........from the esteemed ocean ecologist and animal behaviourist Carl Safina , author of Song for the Blue Ocean, Voyage of the Turtle, and most recently Beyond Words after he read a short passage from my Molasses Bread and Tea memoir.

 I am just back from Peru. Thanks for writing.
 In just a few lines you painted a heartbreaking
 image that obviously still feels vivid for you.
Thanks for sharing, though it’s a disturbing little window on a wider world of inflicted pain.

  Apr. 2014 ......from ongoing correspondence  with the polar author Stephen Haddelsey ( Shackelton's Dream:  Fuchs, Hillary and the Crossing of Antarctica).  
Many thanks for the wonderful stories from your time  aboard the M V Theron, which I found most interesting........
........................I wonder if you might be kind enough to review my book on Amazon? 
Thanks again - and best wishes