The following  Portuguese Fado was recorded  in a Dalhousie U residence  (Hfx NS) pool room 

In the following videos, recorded on camcorder by a member of the audience at the Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax Nova Scotia, the sound quality is uneven at best, which is often the case on such recordings. There are also at times intrusive background noises, for which I apologize. 


 Part 3 : 6:30 minutes to end.................1 Portuguese  mornha: Mar Azul (Cabo Verde), 1 Spanish bolero Solamente Una Vez (Cuba), trailer: Ode to NL
 Part 2 : 1:45 minutes to 8 minutes........2 Newfoundland tunes: Tin Whistles Blowin' (original),  Tickle Cove Pond:
 Part 1:  up to 10:00 minutes...................2 Newfoundland tunes:  Harbour Le Cou,  Whales  (original), 2 Portuguese  mornhas :  Cretcheu di Ceu, Separacao (Cabo Verde)

      If any here offended be, blame the soundman, blame not me.